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Alright, where is that roof leak coming from?

You have water coming out of the wall. It makes sense that the water is getting in right above, right? Not necessarily. Water has high surface tension. Water takes the path of least resistance. That means it takes more force than normal to make a drop of water break away from the surface on which it sits.

So, water may be getting into your roof at a point well away from your leaking wall. If you are having trouble finding a leak, bring in a professional roofer. The experienced roofing professionals here at Pacific Coast roofing can help you track that leak down. We have handled all sorts of leaks and will diagnose the problem quickly. Then, you can get your roof repaired without delay.

Finding a Leak on the Roof of Your Pleasanton Home

What can you do to trace that leak back to where it's getting into the roof?

Without attic space, your job is more challenging than if you had it.

The first step is getting up on the roof. If it is a very steep roof, tie off for safety.

Go to the general area above where you think the water is getting through the roof and start looking around.

  • If you have a sagging spot in the roof, that may be where water is pooling and saturating the decking.
  • If you have missing or damaged roofing material, that is where water may be getting through.
  • You may spot debris protruding from the roof. That is likely your penetration point.
  • Check the base of pipe vents. The rubber boot may have cracked.
  • Check around chimneys. Flashing will pull away.

If you have attic space, your job is a bit easier.

Get up into the attic and find the point above where the water is dripping. You will likely see water still coming down or evidence of a water rivulet that dried up. That is the point where the water's surface tension broke and the first drop went down. That point may not be the leak though.

Trace the water's path. The path can take you up the edge of a rafter or onto the underside of the deck. You may even find it goes up to the ridgeline. Sometimes you might trace it to the penetration point of a vent pipe or a chimney. You may even find a twig or other natural materials penetrating the roof.

  • If the water is coming through the roof deck, you likely have missing or damaged shingles above. You might have a sag in the roof deck.
  • If the water is coming in around the base of a vent pipe, the rubber boot likely has a crack or break in it.
  • If the water is coming in around the base of a chimney, the flashing is pulling away.

If you are having any problems finding the leak, bring in the professionals. An experienced roofing contractor in the San Francisco Bay area has the experience to trace a leak and find it pretty quickly.

Getting the Leak Fixed

The smartest way to get your roof fixed is with the help of a roofing professional in Pleasanton. Roofs are the first barrier against water and wind penetration. The roof structure is more than just some roofing materials slapped against the deck. A professional roofer knows how to repair leaking roofs and restore your roof system's integrity.


Many of these items a San Francisco Bay Area homeowner can tackle. However, to get the job done right, a professional is the better choice. They have the knowledge on how to ventilate and insulate an attic properly. They can clean and fix gutters. They can inspect the roof for problems.

Hire a Professional Pleasanton Roofing Contractor

Many homeowners believe they can handle anything to do with a roof. It is just a matter of putting new shingles down over the old ones. Magically their old roofing problems will disappear. Well, that is a nice dream, but not reality. A roof is much more than just a layer of shingles. It is an entire system that needs to work in unison to keep wind and rain out of the structure.

The professionals at Pacific Coast Roofing have seen many roofs done by homeowners. On a few occasions, the job is not too bad. On many occasions, the results were not good. Some mistakes seen include not removing old layers of roofing, not repairing sagging roof deck, and not ventilating the attic. These simple mistakes lead to a shortened roof life and higher costs down the road.

Bring in the Professionals

You need to give the professionals here at Pacific Coast Roofing a call. We have the expertise and knowledge to make your roof whole again. Our technicians can be out today and get your roof repaired as soon as possible. Contract us immediately when you have a leak.