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Pacific Coast Roofing Service is a Bay Area roof contractor serving Hercules, CA since 1996.

Our services include:

  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Tile Roofs
  • Inspections
  • Composition Roof
  • All types of Gutters
  • Tar and Gravel Roof
  • Vents
  • Rock Roofs
  • Insulation
  • Metal Roofs
  • Coping Metal
  • Tear-Off
  • Flashing Repair
  • Dry-Rot Repair
  • Water Testing
  • Ridge Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Cover-Ups

A roof replacement is a major undertaking for any property owner. There is noise and mess. However, the results are well worth it. A weather-tight roof is what keeps the building beneath in good shape. The job needs done by a licensed, experience contractor for the best results. Pacific Coast Roofing is the company to bring in.

Most roofs will last a decade or two with proper maintenance. Simple repairs can often lengthen the life of the roof. Having a professional contractor come out to inspect the roof every two to three years is a good idea. They can assess the health of the roof and make any repairs needed. A simple inspection with basic repairs will easily lengthen the life of the roof by at least a few years.

Replacing the Roof on Your Hercules Home

When doing a roof replacement, the contractor will go through distinct steps. The only difference will come if there is more than one layer of old roofing in place. Most jurisdictions allow contractors to put a layer of shingles over an old layer if everything else is good with the roof. However, more than one layer beneath can cause issues. In most cases, stripping the roof is the best way to make sure the roof will not leak.

Here are some steps the Hercules roofing contractor will take:

  • Strip roof - Removal of the old roofing material is noisy and messy. With asphalt shingles, the roofers will use various tools to knock the roofing off. With tiles, the roofers may try to salvage a few.
  • Inspect roof - Once the roof stripping is done, the roofer will inspect the decking for any weak spots. Making repairs begins with ensuring the deck is solid.
  • Install flashing and sealant - Around chimneys and other roof openings, flashing and sealant helps keep the water away.
  • Install underlayment - Most roofs have a material that sits between the roof deck and the top roofing materials. This underlayment provides a secondary barrier to water getting in.
  • Install shingles - Over the underlayment, the roofing materials go down. This is the primary and visible part of the roof.
  • Complete ridge line - At the top of the roof, the ridge line helps finish the look and acts as a critical piece of a healthy roof.

Your contractor will do many more steps than these, but it gives a rough idea of what is happening along the way.

Choose the Experienced Roofing Contractor for Your Replacement

A professional roofer will know how to handle a roof replacement with the least amount of fuss and hassle. When looking for a roofing company, look for an experienced one. At the very least, the head roofer needs to have a decade or more of experience. A roof is more just asphalt shingles or tiles. It involves several components that must work together for the roof to stay weather-tight. Experience makes all the difference when it comes to replacing a roof.

This experience is at Pacific Coast Roofing. With decades of experience in the business, the owners and crew leaders of PCR know how to get a roof replacement done right the first time.



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When a roof needs replacement or repair, the first call needs to be to Pacific Coast Roofing. They can assess the situation and offer a detailed estimate for the required work. Repairs and inspections can usually happen fast. Replacements will happen in a timely fashion. Bring in the professionals today.