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Pacific Coast Roofing Service is a Bay Area roof contractor serving Alamo since 1996.

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The roof of your Alamo home or business is arguably the most important part of your building. A roof is essential for keeping any building weather tight and without one that's in good repair, moisture can penetrate and start causing leaks. The water from a leaking roof can damage walls, floors, and ceilings inside. Any contents in the building can get wet. If left unchecked, a leak can lead to rot and other conditions which will compromise the structure's integrity. Getting a roof repaired at the first sign of a leak is important.

The experts at Pacific Coast Roofing Service are the ones to call for roof repair and troubleshooting . With decades of experience, finding the leak and repairing it is the number one priority. If the leak is severe, the crew can do emergency cover-ups to prevent further moisture penetration until the repair is complete. This will help keep your building contents dry while the repairs are underway.


Common Causes of Roof Leaks for Alamo Homeowners

Some common sources for a roof leak around the Alamo area include the following:

  • Shingle damage - Shingles are strong roofing materials a building owner can expect to last a long time. However, in older roofs, shingle deterioration may cause leaks. Damage to shingles during storms is another leak source. Cap shingles along the roof line receive more damage from wind than others. This source of damage may cause leaking as well.
  • Flashing problems - Flashing is essential for keeping the joints of a roof leak free. Improper installation or sealing allows water to get through. Damage and corrosion to the metal also cause problems.
  • Plumbing penetration - Plumbing needs a place to vent and it is almost always through a roof. Vent pipes present the perfect place where water can get through without proper flashing and sealing. Roofing contractors have special flashing materials that help seal these pipes and prevent leaking.
  • Skylights - Getting light inside is great. However, a skylight is often a major source of leaking, especially if not installed properly. The first sign of trouble is often water dripping off the bottom edge inside the house.
  • Chimney - Like skylights, chimney stacks are a major source for leaking. The rough edges of bricks make the chimney difficult to seal even with flashing and advanced roofing sealant.


Roof and Leak Repairs

Once the roof inspector finds the reason for the leak, the next step is fixing it. Pacific Coast Roofing provides free detailed estimates to our friends and neighbors in Alamo customers before performing any repair work. The estimate shows the expected labor and materials involved in repairing the leak. The customer must approve the work before PCR goes to work.

Repairing a leaking roof can be as simple as replacing a few damaged shingles or as complicated as stripping off all or part of the roof, repairing leak damage, and installing new shingles. Doing the repair right the first time will ensure the leak does not return. That is why bringing in roofing experts is important. A do-it-yourself project is not the way to go when dealing with a leaking roof.

Call A Professional Roofing Contractor in Alamo

If you suspect a leak or any kind of a problem with your roof, don't wait, call our office at (510) 912-5454. A friendly expert will take your information and can  get a technician out right away in most cases to stop the leak and repair it for good. Free estimates are always provided.